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Tasman Helicopters is a Canadian privately held Transport Canada licensed commercial helicopter operator providing services to government, and private industries. Tasman Helicopters has experience operating,  Bell 212, Bell 205 and Bell 407 helicopters.


Our fleet of helicopters, crews and maintenance programs operate with a safe record in the helicopter industry.


Safety and production is the key to Tasman Helicopters success. Our flight crews typically use  longlines and vertical reference flying techniques for most external load operations. This keeps the helicopter well away from obstacles and ground personnel with the added benefit of reduced rotor downwash at ground level. Whether or not your project requires the use of these special skills and techniques, Tasman crews will complete your project in a safe and efficient manner.

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#5 - 4340 King St
Delta, BC
V4K A05


Office: 604-940-0202
Email: info@tasmanh.com

Tasman Helicopters

Ken Worsnop
Operations Manager
Cell: 778-990-8299
Email: kworsnop@tasmanh.com

Dave Judt
Chief Pilot
Office:  604-940-0202
Email: djudt@tasmanh.com


Don Cholka

Director of Maintenance

Office: 604-940-0202

Email: dcholka@tasmanh.com

  • Logistics/Stores/Overhaul Shop
  • Office: 604-940-0202 


The Terms and Conditions of carriage are available for the public’s inspection at the offices of Tasman Helicopters during regular business hours.

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