Bell 212 Specifications

The reliable twin engine medium Bell 212 helicopter is versatile and ready for various missions. It can be configured to carry 14/13 passengers, or carry internal loads. Our pilots use 150 feet long lines for external loads such as fire fighting with a Bambi Bucket, moving gear with nets,  or moving heli-portable drills in remote locations. Tasman uses Bambi Buckets or Conair 92 Helitanks to fight fires.

Our helicopters are equipped with the BLR Fast Fin and strake kit which provides:

increased take-off and landing weights,
increased out of ground and in ground effect hover
improved wind azimuth operations
reduced fuel burn, and improved handling qualities
All aircraft have the latest satellite tracking technology and satellite phones installed which enables accurate flight watch, enhanced safety and improves operational efficiency & control.  Real time tracking is achieved through Spidertracks satellite tracking, viewable in a web browser. 

Tasman Helicopter's Bell 212 HP upgrade gives better hot and high performance and better single engine performance.

The fleet has 40 gallon auxilliary fuel tanks with the option to have 90 gallons auxilliary fuel if needed.

Bell 212 specifications:

Maximum gross weight 11200 lbs
Passenger Seating* 14/13
Average Cruise Speed 115 mph
Avg. Fuel Consumption 96 US gal/hr, 650 lbs/hr
Maximum Range 270 nautical miles
Flight duration - 2.7 hours
Fleet equipped with aux tanks enabling 2.7 endurance however this configuration can be changed to 3.0 hrs with 90 gal aux tanks

*Maximum Seating Capacity: 14 passengers – single pilot operations dual controls not installed, 13 passengers dual controls installed

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