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Bambi Bucket

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The Bell 212 uses a 1200 litre Bambi Bucket for fire suppression.
This tough, lightweight tool can deliver a column of water or foam.

Conair 92/85 Belly Tanks

This video shows the testing of the Conair 92 Belly Tank in Australia. The government was very impressed with the even coverage and versatility in drop patterns compared to the competitors tanks.

Specifications Conair 92:

Maximum 320 imperial gallons, 24 second fill time

at 240 imp gal, fill time is 18 seconds

Remote fill system to permit tank loading in hover from water sources

Two compartments/two door variable aperature drops

Third door off-load capability to fill ground relay tanks

Off-load pump and hose

Filler port for ground loading

Emergency accumulator to open doors in an emergency

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