Tasman Helicopter's Covid-19
Operational Capabilities

Tasman Crew are trained in Company developed COVID 19 Operating Procedures designed to ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers such as;
• Proper use of PPE
• Enhanced Cleaning and disinfecting procedures
• Flight logs and communications protocols.
• Supplemental pre-boarding briefings and post flight briefings
• Post flight sanitation and end of day cleaning and disinfecting procedures
• Cabin area cameras to provide tracing support on request.
• Employee health monitoring program 


Aircraft are equipped with quick removal impervious barrier screens between the cabin and cockpit. Pilots are equipped with P-100 helmet mounted respirators available for use when transporting personnel that present an elevated or known risk of infection. PPE sufficient for crew needs, cleaning and disinfectant supplies are carried onboard all aircraft and company vehicles.

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Operations Manager
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Chief Pilot
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Don Cholka

Director of Maintenance

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  • Logistics/Stores/Overhaul Shop
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The Terms and Conditions of carriage are available for the public’s inspection at the offices of Tasman Helicopters during regular business hours.

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